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TV Animation Production

Nottage Productions and Tony Nottage have produced a variety of TV commercials, we often work with advertising agencies for high end commercials but companies and individuals are also welcome to contact us directly, like our feature films we work with the very best writers, directors, cast and crew and have great connections with the US and UK talent agencies, we can work within tight budgets and timescales and have produced commercials for some of the worlds leading brands.

TV series and one off specials

Tony Nottage has produced a variety of one off specials including the popular Rocket the Reindeer animations, we also develop TV series, helping to prepare production packs and animated pilots for pitching to networks and distributors.  If you have an idea for a TV series we are happy to work with you to develop the idea, attach writers, directors, cast and production partners, prepare finance plans, budgets and schedules to produce a series - we often look at outsourcing methods and work with co-production partners to assist with tax incentives, but you will require some seed investment for us to develop the production to a stage where it is ready to be pitched to distributors and networks.

Contact us today if you would like to discuss more.

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