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3D stereoscopic Animations, Shorts and Specials...

If you are a company looking for a short film or an animated special for a seasonal display or to promote a product or a service, Nottage Productions can produce character driven animations to suit your need.  Perhaps you want a short funny video for a marketing campaign that you want to go viral or maybe you are launching a new product and want an impressive display, we can produce animations in 4K, stereoscopic 3D and can even work with you to create 4D interactive productions.

The Future

Holograms, virtual reality, 8k, 3D printing - the future is always changing and new ideas and concepts are always appearing, some are a success (HD), others not so much (3D - again!), but Nottage Productions is always keeping up to date with the latest technologies, we already prodcue in 4K and 8k and in stereo 3D, we also have partnerships with groups who specialize in 3D printing and virtual reality, so no matter how unique or interesting our idea, we are always up to the challenge.

Apps and interactivity

Nottage Productions produce a wide range of interactive apps for iOS, Android and desktops, we also produce interactive displays for touchscreens, holographic displays and stereoscopic 3D displays, contact us today for more information, or visit our app section for more information

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